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  • Building Energy Efficiency Rating & Repair using Building Performance Institute Standards (BPI)
  • BPI Trainer/Proctor
  • Energy Consulting/Energy Auditing
  • Weatherization
  • Solar Electric System
  • Solar Hot Water System
  • Solar Battery Backup System
  • Solar Radiant Heating System
  • Solar Carport


Solar battery backup system will enable you to have power during power outages. Battery backup is meant for critical loads.

We customize your system according to your household. [top]


Solar hot water systems can save a lot of money and decrease a family’s environmental footprint.

There are different types of system, it is necessary to determine the type of system that is appropraite for the circumstances.

Direct Circulation Systems
This system pumps water through the solar collectors on the roof directly through the home, slightly increasing the efficiency but also increasing the possibility of frozen water and burst pipes. This type of system is suitable to be installed in a warmer environment where the temperatures are rarely below freezing.

Indirect Circulation Systems
This systems pump heat-transfer liquid through the solar collectors and then transfer heat into pipes in the home. This type of system is suitable for colder environments where the water in a direct circulation system would freeze.

Once the type of system is determined, the rest of the parts, such as the heater and the solar collectors, must be selected. Different types of systems, such as active and passive heating systems, are better for different homes. [top]


Auto manufacturers are responding to market demand and global interest in reducing dependence on oil imports, reducing green house gas emission and reducing fuel costs by introducing a range of capable, energy-efficient, low emissions, electric powered vehicles.

This new wave of electric vehicles entering the world marketplace has created consumer demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging services where consumers eat, shop and play. Although customers will charge their ehicles overnight at home, the limited range of early electric vehicles make having charging stations at outdoor locations very attractive option.

Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint® Network is the most advanced, easy to use electric vehicle charging infrastructure for municipalities, corporations and utilities. Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is delivered via ChargePoint® Networked Charging Stations which cover the entire range of Level I, Level II, and Level III electric vehicle charging needs.

Charging stations connected to the ChargePoint Network provide additional services that provide more value for charging station owners. The ChargePoint Network Standard Service combines Coulomb Technologies' software applications and network operation services so that station owners can quickly and easily connect their charging stations to the ChargePoint Network to maximize the full benefits of their charging system. [top]


We are licensed and insured to perform all trades of the construction industry. From demolition, repairs, replacement, and complete construction on the interior & exterior of any structure; we repair both commercial and residential properties, regardless of how big or small the project. We provide engineered plans, architectural drawings, permits, etc., as necessary. Our estimates are detailed with each task & the scope of project.

Construction Repair:
With the knowledge of standard procedures and work of our professional team, we are able to accurately restore cosmetic damages including hairline to large cracks in walls, ceilings, wall coverings, floor coverings, walkways & driveways.

Fire Damage
Experiencing a fire loss can be emotionally and physically draining as well as sometimes devastating. Where a water loss typically affects the areas from the baseboards down; a fire can affect everything. We move quickly to minimize the damage and provide any help we can. From emergency services, to safeguarding your possessions, to guaranteeing the workmanship of our tradesman, we do our best. After all, the last thing a customer needs is more unnecessary stress following a fire.

Our services include:
Emergency board up service, emergency structural cleaning, deodorization and skilled demolition. Complete computerized estimates and scope of work. Provide complete reconstruction services of the structure from walls to wall coverings and drywall to flooring.

Water Damage
Water Damage happens in many ways: faulty plumbing, toilet overflow, appliances, roof leaks, water heaters and recent hurricanes are a few examples. These unfortunate situations can cause serious health and structural problems from risks of mold and other secondary damage situations if not treated properly.

Our Product, Our Service, Our Team
Our technicians and crews are trained & have experience with all types of water damage. The technician will inspect the affected areas, evaluate the damages, determine necessary procedures /services, and perform the necessary tasks to secure, mitigate and/or prevent additional damages. We've made investments in tools and education to have the equipment and knowledge available.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal.[Download Brochure] [top]









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